Friday, November 28, 2003

MSDE woes 

It took me almost a whole darned day to simply connect to a remote MSDE instance yesterday!!!
After installation the services started up nicely enough, and the Service Manager blinked its familiar green arrow in the tray. However, trying to connect to it from my dev machine yielded problems. I got denied access using either SQL- or Windows Integrated authentication.

I could successfully telnet into port 1433, and cliconfg showed me that both TCP/IP and Named Pipes were enabled protocols. The server was definately running, but I couldn't get in... After trying numerous suggestions from different folks, I finally found out that network protocols are disabled by default with MSDE2000 SP3. Brian Randell suggested I read the readme file (does anyone actually read those?!), which would have told me this from the start!

So, to install with network protocols *en*abled, the parameters are passed as:


which, on an NT-based OS, would enable Mixed-mode authentication also. I felt pretty irate until being humbled by the simple answer: I didn't read the readme!!!
I *do* find it peculiar, and potentially confusing to many others, that TCP/IP was enabled according to the cliconfg-utility, but "network protocols" were disabled nonetheless...(!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

LIVE, tonight! 

Tonight Durban rocks - one of my favourite bands, LIVE!, perform live tonight!!! They're supported by local rock band Prime Circle. I'm almost spilling over :))
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Monday, November 24, 2003


More often than not you'd find that those strange beings in the software world get slightly 'big-headed'. We do run the world, after all!! Right?! Most people don't realise that their washing machines, dvd players and satelite-tv decoders run on software.

By the time I left high school in 1995, there was an increasingly high demand for programmers. When the 'dotcom-BOOM' shook stock markets and bank accounts all over the world not too long after that, the demand was impossible to satisfy. Software Developers were making good money, and their programmers were paid good money. It was a *very* lucrative industry. Folks all over the world were streaming to "Teach-Yourself-Blackbelt-C++-In-21-Days"-type courses. (By the way, *NO ONE* can program useful C++ after just 21 days' training!!!)

The variables of this industry were tumbled and twisted until we have reached this era where persuing a career in programming offers you about just as many prospects as any other skilled profession.

There is, however, one distinct, glaring difference that sets the software industry apart from others. The crappiest piece of software sometimes contains the most brilliant piece of code / algorithm, and the most ingenious software often consists of nothing spectacular behind the scenes. The *concept* of a piece of software is what makes it brilliant. Any *good idea* presented as software would most likely turn into a successful business these days, and there lies the challenge!

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