Friday, October 24, 2003

With the PDC happening soon in the USA (wouldn't I just love to attend this...), and VSLive! happening regularly for the folks in Europe, we've always had to either spend the dollars to get there, or read the reviews and news afterwards.
At long last we'll have our very own South African .NET conference, dubbed VS-Max, which I thought would be worth a mention here. Excellent speakers have been contracted: Mike Amundsen and Ingo Rammer come to mind.
Not sure how the mix-up came to be, but Mike recently mailed me to help him settle his travel-arrangements down here. He also posts this link on his site, which I thought doesn't really do wonders for tourism down here!!!
I do hope this event is successful enough to become an annual institution.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Being a new blogger, I'm still trying to get the blog-rules straight. Looking at most blogs, it seems to be a rule to blog once a day, if possible, and also to use the word 'blog' as often as possible ;)

We had a Mill Group Board meeting at one of the sugarmills most of the day. The mill is in a small little town in the countryside, and it's a real beautiful drive. But I'm tired, nonetheless, and going home!

Oh, I've been playing with #develop last night, a .NET IDE entirely written in C#, and it rocks. A few bugs need to be squashed still, but it's definately the IDE of choice besides VS.NET, and much less resource-intensive. If any of you want to try it, here's a warning: be patient during the innitialisation of the "Code Completion Database" - it really does take long. (It took me just over an hour on a P4-1.8Ghz, 256Mb RAM). But more on this tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Starting to Fly 

On Saturday I took the first steps towards my 'PPL'. That's pilot-lingo for a Personal Pilot's Licence. I'm doing it at the Virginia Pilot School, which is right on the beach in Durban North, and makes for tremendous scenic landings and take-offs! At this time of year there are many whales in the area, and they are easily spotted from the air. (I'll try posting some photos at some stage).
I'll be training in a Cessna C152 and a Cessna 172P...
Very exciting stuff.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I've just started this new private venture which requires lots of ASP.NET coding. (I use C# for the 'code-behind'). Having experienced mainly realtime winform projects, bending my head around ASP gets daunting at times - especially state management has its issues!!

Because the language compilers are included with the .NET CLR, many new private projects are seeing the light. I'm currently investigating the cost-effectiveness of building apps with the bare minimum of innitial investment.
Today it is possible to utilise these .NET compilers, MSDE, and free 3rd-party code-editors to build small-scale apps fairly comfortably, 100% Microsoft-based...
I'll keep you posted on my findings.
Maybe one day I'll be able to look back upon these postings and think: Ahh... the good old days... Who knows?! I'm blogging now!

PS - I couldn't muster anything more creative / insightful than that, but bear in mind that it's only my first post :)

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